Expert Graduate School Admissions Consulting
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General Comments on Applications & Writing

This video is a general introduction to graduate school applications and how to write the best possible essays.

This video contains advice on how to choose which schools to apply to.

School Selection

This video explains how I can help you clarify and write your goals as well as explain why you want to go to a particular school.

The Goals Essay

This video explains how I can help you write about your weaknesses in a way that sounds sincere, mature and impressive.

Writing About Weaknesses

This video explains how I can help you write about failure in a way that makes you sound mature, self-aware and persistent.

Essays That Ask About Failure

This video discusses the difference between high and low context cultures and why this topic is important for your essays.

High and Low Context

This video discusses the best ways to approach letters of recommendation, for you and your recommender.

Letters of Recommendation

This video discusses how to show your leadership and teamwork skills and ability to make an impact.

Leadership, Teamwork, Achievement

Advice for Male Indian Engineers

Culture Shock and INSEAD

(No, INSEAD no longer asks about culture shock but it was always such a fun essay to work on I can’t bear to remove this video…maybe someday they’ll bring the question back.)

Advice for Japanese Applicants