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Results & Testimonials


Since 2001, I have helped clients gain admission to ALL the top business schools in the United States and Europe. Yes, this includes Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and the rest.  In the list below, I keep only the results from the past two years for business schools; for law schools and other types of graduate programs I have kept a comprehensive record.

North American Business Schools

Stanford GSB
MIT Sloan
MIT Sloan Fellows
USC Marshall
Chicago Booth
UNC Kenan-flagler
Berkeley Haas
Duke Fuqua
NYU Stern
Michigan Ross
UVA Darden
Carnegie Mellon Tepper
University of Texas McCombs
UCLA Anderson

European Business Schools

LBS MA in Finance
Oxford Said
HEC Paris
London School of Economics

Law Schools

New York University
University of Southern California
Boston University
University of Washington

Other Programs

Johns Hopkins School of Health
Harvard Kennedy School
UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy
USC PhD Accounting
Columbia University School of Journalism
Columbia University school of Public health



Female; Greater China; CHicago Booth

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Yes. As you may still remember, you were the second counselor I spoke with before deciding who to work with. Before that, I also checked a few admission counselors in my own country and in USA. I chose you because I felt you were more “in-touch” and encouraging. I am kind of emotional and I know I needed a counselor who is more patient and encouraging throughout the whole application process. Also, I was looking for a counselor with both Asian and USA background. As an international applicant, I needed someone who can fine tune my essays and understand the differences between Asian and Western cultures.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Trust takes time with anyone. However, there was a turning point – I asked you if I should prepare something for Sloan’s “optional information” because I thought my essays were all about professional experiences and lack of soft part of me. Instead of agreeing with me, you told me many reasons why you don’t think it’s necessary and those reasons were all very solid. You could have just agreed with me to make me feel more confident but you shared your thoughts transparently.

Also, your creativity brought many new ideas to my application. I enjoyed our brainstorm conversations a lot. Under most circumstances, I am the kind of person who does not feel comfortable to share experiences in my private life (which made me very painful during the whole process because I felt naked when writing my own stories for MBA application…). However, your inputs were not only constructive but creative and made my “stories” more interesting! I still remember that how naturally those stories came out of my mind when I was working on the last school, Haas. You inspired me to answer those creative and annoying questions Haas requested!”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Like I said earlier, you were very creative and shared your thoughts about me transparently. You made the brainstorm process more interesting and smoothly than I expected. Also, you helped me A LOT on polishing my essays while they still have my own style. I don’t think most counselors can do it for international applicants.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“Final drafts were livelier, interesting and showed more dimensions of who I am. Also, they were more understandable for Americans because you helped me review from American perspective. Some examples I thought nice were not so appropriate in Western culture and without you I wouldn’t figure that out!

I read some final drafts of my other friends who worked with other American counselors and I think one important difference (which I loved it) is you helped me convey my ideas more clearly and maintained my ‘style’.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“I would recommend you to those who:

i)              Are Asian applicants who have never been educated in USA and need a counselor with Western background to think differently;

ii)             Are super busy with work and need a very efficient counselor who can always reply in 24 hours, sometimes can even reply urgently;

iii)           Are emotional and lack of self-confidence and need a counselor who can work as a friend and is willing to take time to reply emails, talk and therefore encourage clients;

iv)           Have strong profile but lack of creativity to express yourself and need a counselor with creativity and good writing skills.”

Female; Southeast Asia; Wharton

“I was referred to Tom by another counselor who highly recommend him for quick turnaround and great help on essays especially close to the deadlines.

Tom immediately struck me as a counselor who genuinely cares for the success of his clients – I initially purchased 5 hours of time primarily for help with my essays but Tom went above and beyond that and was extremely generous with his time and other advice. He is never pushy (unlike some counselors I have done pre-consultation with) and never try to sell you time you don’t need.

Tom’s essay critique is straightforward and I very much appreciate his feedback on how to make my essays better and more effective to my target audience.  Most importantly, he delivers effectively and quickly even close to deadlines which makes my application process a lot smoother than it could have been under the circumstances. Tom does not cut corners and made sure I revised my essays till they were in the best possible shape to be submitted.

All in all Tom makes the application process a lot more enjoyable than it could have been and throughout, it feels more like working with a friend you can rely on rather than a counselor who just need to fulfill the obligations he is paid for. I will not hesitate to recommend him to my other friends.”

Male; USA; Columbia

What did you like about our initial intake session?

“I liked that you were informed, not pushy, and genuinely interested in getting to know me as a candidate. Unfortunately, it’s not very difficult to become an admissions consultant these days, however, there’s a huge difference between someone who gets the admission process and someone who got lucky enough to get through the admissions process. Tom is of the former category.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“Tom was the 2nd counselor I worked with and was heads and shoulders above my prior consultant. My prior consultant had a “firm” and claimed to be an expert but she just didn’t seem that smart. From the get go, I could tell that Tom was highly intelligent and would hold me to a high standard. In this regard, he did not disappoint.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“I felt like I could count on Tom for not only application support but also emotional support. The application process is quite an emotional process filled with self-doubt and brain wracking. Tom was super supportive and served as an excellent guide through the fog.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“The hardest part of the application prices is making sure that what you’re writing makes sense and sounds authentic. In order to make sure this is true, you need an unbiased coach and having Tom made the process far easier because I knew I could count on him to make sure my essay wasn’t just hot air.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Tom pushed me super hard to revise essays and this was super helpful.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“Working a full time job, feeling bad about how hard it is to write essays and writing essays is a really trying process. It makes you want to give up after a decent draft but Tom pushed me way past the point of comfort to write the best possible essay in the clearest possible voice. His feedback was invaluable.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“In selecting a counselor, you really need to select someone who you admire and who you enjoy talking to because you will be speaking to this person quite a bit. I really liked talking to Tom and would like to chat with him even if I wasn’t purchasing his services, in the end, this feeling made all the difference because I enjoyed talking to him regularly!”

Male; South Asia; Kellogg

What was your initial consultation like?

“You were the first counselor with whom I had an initial consultation, so I didn’t really know what to expect back then. In hindsight, I would say that you under sold yourself during the consultation. Though I liked you after the consultation, the value you would provide with your reviews was not immediately obvious to me, making me hesitant to sign up with you [Note from Tom: I don’t do a hard sell. In the initial consultations I’ll answer any question an applicant wants to ask me and I’ll even read a few docs and comment on them. Beyond that, if there is something an applicant wants to know about me or how I work, it’s best to take the initiative and ask.].”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“I was simultaneously working with another counselor, but I had signed up with you a little later, so in a way you were my second counselor. I had taken hourly packages from both of you so that makes it easier for me to compare.

What stood out the most about you was your level of commitment. While I’ve had to wait for up to 4 days to hear from my other counselor, you always responded within 12 hours. I had not planned my application timelines well and often worked close to the deadlines, so I am pretty sure that without your incredibly fast response rate my essays would not have been the same. I remember that I had signed up with you only 4 days prior to one of my R1 deadlines, and within those 4 days you provided two reviews that completely changed the flow, feel and even content of the essay. Until I got your reviews, I wasn’t even sure about submitting an application, let alone one that got me a spot on the wait list.

The second thing that seemed trivial at first but priceless later on, is the fact that you work on Saturday and Sunday. Those were my two most productive days for writing essays, and having your support for my essay reviews and incidental questions during the weekend was invaluable. Before I started working with you, I felt that my time on weekends was often wasted because there was nobody to respond fast enough when I was stuck.

And finally, you took about half the time my other counselor did to review each essay. Considering that I was paying both of you by the hour, this was almost equivalent to you giving me a 50% discount!”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Absolutely! I remember emailing you two days before one of my interviews asking for a mock interview that very day. I was very under confident about how my responses were coming across and badly needed the practice.

In spite of your hectic schedule, you set up apart 20 minutes for me within the next 2 hours, and by the end of our session I was quite calm and confident. This is the kind of support that made me recommend you to my partner for her interviews.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“One thing you are very good at is getting people to think out loud, even when they are writing! There were a couple of extracurricular activities that I had mentioned half heartedly in my applications, but you made sure I gave them more importance and explained them in detail. When I started writing about them I didn’t really think there was anything special about them, but you have a knack of asking questions that made me think deeper about those small activities until I found the special/unique thing that had made them enjoyable and memorable.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Yes. I didn’t see it as pushing back then, but that’s the wonderful thing about how you push. You had a calming influence on me while at the same time making me think about every detail of my past achievements. Also, I remember using fairly technical words to describe my job in my online applications, but you kept pushing me until I made those descriptions easy to understand for anyone.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“I think your comments helped me give my drafts a human touch. While my initial drafts bored even me to sleep, my final drafts read out like a story in which I was the main character. They explained what I was going through and the reasons behind my actions, which my initial drafts did not. Of course, my final drafts were much more concise as well.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“I would strongly recommend you for your integrity and frankness. While I was preparing for my interviews, you could have simply asked me to spend several hours on mock interviews. Instead, you made it very clear that I must prepare primarily by videotaping my responses and going over them myself, and that there would be no substitute for such preparation. This not only helped me save money, but also helped me rapidly improve my responses.”

Male; East Asia; Wharton

What was your initial consultation like?

“I felt that you were confident that you will be able to help me get into top MBA schools. That was the main reason I chose you after having several initial consultations with other consultants.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? 


Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Definitely. I think the greatest part was that you helped me answer the question. It sounds crazy but I think it is an easy mistake to make when you have a great story you want to use on your essay and you focus too much on the story itself that drift away from the essay question. You helped me to understand the question and come up with a right answer.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Working with you definitely made the process less intimidating because you were able to tell me what these schools were looking for through the essay questions. After talking with you, I had clear mind of what to write and how to present it. 

Also, I really liked the time purchase system. I never felt like you were using too much time on reviewing essays and you were kind enough to not charge any time if when there were minor changes. I never hesitated to submit an essay for a review because I knew my time won’t be wasted.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Oh yes.. I think I let my guard down since my first essay (Ross) went very smoothly. But when we started working on second one (Booth) and I was having hard time answering the question the right way, you pushed me really hard. I would work on the essay for a whole week but it got turned down by you quick. I think we did this several times. Although it was hard, I felt that you would never say good unless it is actually ‘good’. Therefore, I felt VERY confident when you said you would be shocked if I don’t get an interview when we finished my third essay (Wharton).”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“After I got accepted to both schools that I applied, I went back and read the first drafts of the essays. Looking back, I think I already had some stories that I wanted to tell and tried to figure out how to put those stories into the questions. But you helped me to analyze and think hard about the questions first and then think about appropriate stories. Not only the quality of the essay improved drastically, but also the focus of these stories got much sharper.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“The mock interview was very helpful also. Your feedback helped me improve my script and content of my answers. I would highly recommend doing a mock interview especially for the first interview.”

Male; South Asia; Cornell

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Yes, I did choose you over a few Indian counselor’s primarily because I was looking for a more international perspective on my application which I felt Indian counselors lack.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“You were the second counselor I had worked with. It was obviously a very refreshing change at many levels. On a few counts you stood out in the comparison for me. First, I saw you were more professional which ensured I didn’t have any surprises along the way. Secondly you provided very specific and actionable feedback through your comments. Lastly and most importantly, I thought your critique of my work was extremely insightful and helped evolve my thought process significantly.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes, absolutely! Barring one technical failure it was absolute smooth sailing on your part.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“I think you really laid threadbare my first application which got me rolling for the entire season. Considering how specific your feedback was, I was able to really speed up my applications (four weeks for 4 partial application reviews in Round 2 I guess?) which made it a very less intimidating experience for me. I know I was very stretched because of starting late (due to professional reasons) but I was certainly less intimidated. Lastly, I loved the Skype mock interviews we had, that was the time when I actually saw your humorous/enjoyable side. Also your positive feedback as well as curiosity about fun personal references to life events in certain essays always helped me to keep going despite the bad news.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Oh absolutely! I think you really get the best out and don’t settle for an average job AT ALL! You really challenged me to bring out the best in me and think extremely hard. I heard this while I was researching about you but feeling it was a totally different thing.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“They were probably better because of a mix of things. The fact that you really challenged me as I mentioned above would probably have led me to settle for much lesser had it not been for you. Also, I would’ve certainly struggled with the quality given how tight my timelines personally were. Lastly, the way you taught me to articulate was absolutely alien to me before I started working for you. I don’t think I could’ve been so crisp in my writing without your inputs and that certainly would’ve been a problem.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others? 

“Because of the following-

  1. Your inputs made me perform several notches above what I thought I was capable of. I am given the right spirit, any candidate could replicate such a performance.

  2. You are extremely professional yet extremely accommodating. I’ve worked with you late nights, weekends and on short notices and I never had any adverse experience.

  3. I always knew what you wanted and you did take the time out to discuss the reasons behind your feedback if it wasn’t obvious.”

Male; South East Asia/USA; UCLA Anderson

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“Yes. I have not worked with anyone else before.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes. You made clear of your schedule so that I would know when you would be available for consultations. Yet, except for travel times, you always replied within 24 hours of my e-mails even if it was supposed to be your day off. You were always on time for our scheduled appointments and never missed a deadline you promised.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“You have a natural ability, like a great teacher should, to make me felt calm and at ease when dealing with impossible tasks, from the first time we talked. Throughout the whole process, you were not just a counselor but also a mentor and most importantly a friend when things got tough. There was a time when I needed a confidant whom I could vent to about everything that was going on. And of course there were you kindly and patiently listened and just being a true friend.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Yes and YES! It was extremely helpful as I would often assume that my “latest” draft was good enough to be the final draft. Yet you kept telling me “no”. I of course was dismayed at times, as you constantly pushed me harder and dug deeper. And guess what? You were right! It was definitely not a final draft, not even close. See the answer to the next question!”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“I don’t think I could ever have completed the final draft as submitted without your help and your persistent (see question 4). It was flowing, polished, and completed. Yet, the essay was also very “me”, in my own voice. Never once you would push for an idea that I would not be comfortable with.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“You were not a clock-watcher, i.e. counting every minute to bill me. You made it the point that my success was what’s important, not how much I was paying you. There were times you didn’t deduct our Skype hour-long sessions just because you were checking in to see how I am doing (see question 3). I don’t know how other consultants are but I would imagine you are a one of a kind who is well-versed in the art of English and essay writing, have a deep understanding of both business and graduate school application process, and truly invest in everyone of your clients’ success. You stuck with me from the very first step through the end when I finally committed the school I am now attending. And I consider myself lucky to work with you that now resulted in me being in a great business school.”

Male; Japan; HEC

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Yes. I chose Tom over another counselor because I wanted to write essays with passion and attraction. My previous counselor was one of the most popular counselors in Japan. Actually, he had good editing skills and his job was speedy. However, I felt that his editing was like newspaper article and the essays lacked interest and human touch. After reading testimonials on your website and talking with you on Skype, I intuitively felt that I can write more interesting essays by working with you.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“No. As I mentioned above, I am a re-applicant and worked with another counselor in previous year. Compared with the counselor, I think that Tom is much more good storywriter and good interviewer. Working with Tom enabled me to change my essays from “essay” to “story.” Furthermore, your essay making style fitted me, the style that Tom doesn’t make “core essays” which can be customized. “

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes, I relied on you. After making several essays, I realized that my essays became much more interesting and deeper compared with those edited by the previous counselor. Moreover, I felt that you deeply understand my business, Japanese culture and way of thinking. Therefore, it was easy and smooth to work with you.”

 In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Since you are not only counselor but also good interviewer and your feedback and extensive questions were clear, it was very easy to elaborate each essay. Also, your response and work was very speedy, so it enabled me to keep my pace for essay making.””

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Yes. But, I felt comfortable with your push! Your push was especially helpful in the beginning of the essay making process because I was able to balance GMAT study with the essay making well.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“Firstly, I was able to come up with a lot of better essay ideas thanks to Tom’s creativity and persistent questions even though I already brainstormed with the previous counselor. Secondly, I feel that my essays became much more interesting, attractive and passionate because your story making for essays was creative and you tried to leave the human touch in my essays. “

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“To begin with, I would love to tell others that thanks to the work with Tom, I was able to get interview invitations from all 5 schools that I submitted applications even though my GMAT score was 640 and much lower than each school’s average score (average score: 670 – 700)

Through the work with you, I became able to have confidence in my all essays. In addition, I would like to tell others that they can make better essay with less money by working with Tom. This is very important thing because it enables them to invest money for interview lesson, campus visit and other things.”

Male; Europe; INSEAD

“I am a native English speaker and I never planned to use a consultant to help with my application essays and had never worked with a consultant in this way before. But after speaking with a friend who had worked with Tom in the past, I was curious to see if he could help me out.  

After contacting Tom and sharing a draft of my essays, he reassured me that I was already in good shape but he felt that he could still help me to improve further. 

And he definitely did! 

We had one initial Skype call and communicated through e-mail thereafter. 

Tom challenged my thinking and asked probing questions about the message I was trying to convey. He helped me to delve deeper and tease out important details that I had overlooked. 

For example, I wrote one essay to highlight my international experience but with Tom’s help, I was able to transform the story to convey many more important details such as cultural sensitivity and personal growth. 

Before writing this testimonial, I read my ‘before’ and ‘after’ essays from working with Tom and the difference is clear. He helped me to tell a clear story and tie all the essays together in a way that reflects my experiences and achievements in the best light. 

Tom was my partner in the application process and always turned work around within 24 hours. 

I would recommend Tom without hesitation.”

Female; South Korea; Georgetown Law School

“The application process can be very tiring and intimidating, and it was a great relief to me to have someone experienced like Tom there to guide me through the process. 

He pushed me hard and made me go through numerous revisions and restructurings of the essay, which resulted in a final draft that was much better than I initially envisioned.  He advised me to focus on writing MY story, reminding me that I should be the star on my essay.  It was so easy to start writing about my company, my previous job and some of my other background, but Tom always reminded me of what should be the real focus of my story- what I did, what I achieved or failed and what I learned from the experience, etc.  Through his feedback and my revisions, my essay became more succinct and stronger. 

It also gave me confidence that someone who’s seen so many application essays gave a go-ahead to my essay to submit.  It was comforting to know that my essay contains the essential elements that the admissions are looking for and passes the muster of the basic anticipation. 

Tom also was very responsive, which was very helpful when I was in a rush close to a deadline and working with the time difference.  I could always rely on him responding to my email within several hours to a day, and he gave me a very honest feedback so it could help me improve my essay in a productive way. 

I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is frustrated with or dreadful of starting an application process.  It is a tremendous help to have Tom who gives you realistic tips on the entire application process and an honest and constructive feedback to your essay.”

Male, South Asia, London Business School

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“Yes, you were the first counselor I worked with.  I had reached out to another counselor, but he redirected me to you since he was at capacity.  I’m glad he did :).”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes I did feel like I could rely on you.  You came across as very knowledgeable and confident, and I realized that you knew what you were talking about. That allowed me to use you to vet some of my ideas knowing that you’d only let it through if it made sense.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Writing those essays was painful :)!  But knowing that you were there to give feedback allowed me to break the process down into parts.  Once I got a sense for how much time you take to review an essay and give feedback, I calculated how many iterations I’d have with you.  So once I reached a point where I could not write any more or make the essay any better by myself, I’d ship it off to you and respond to your feedback.  Having that concrete and precise feedback to respond to was much easier than reading and re-reading the essay by myself.

You also helped me with my interview preparation! You asked me some very odd questions that I was not expecting, but that helped me be much more relaxed when I went into the actual interview.  I was mentally prepared to get asked similar odd questions, and that made it less stressful.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“I think you did, although to be perfectly honest, I didn’t feel like I was being pushed (and I say that in a positive way).  The overall experience felt very collaborative.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“My final essay drafts were definitely more to-the-point.  There was a lot I wanted to write, but obviously the word limits that schools set out force you to prioritize and cut things.  I would have certainly had a hard time cutting things and I would have probably made some bad decisions and cut down a few things that may have actually been important.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“I would recommend Tom for the following reasons:

— If this is the first time you’re applying to a B-School, and you’re doing it by yourself (i.e. there is no one else you know who can guide you),  then I’d recommend getting a counselor.  Tom can help you distill various ideas into the specific ones that B-Schools would be interested in.

— He’ll really prepare you for the interviews!  That’s a big deal – you’ll write a lot in your essays, but you must be ready to defend everything you’ve written in the interviews.

— Tom is super-responsive and provides feedback very quickly. That’s crucial – you won’t lose momentum.

Counselor: Yep, I only worked with Tom. After our discussion, thought that we can work together pretty well so didn’t talk to others.”


Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Not exactly. I was referred by one of your previous clients.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“Other people who were not professionals gave me advice on essays. Tom was more direct so that was easier to understand why he made his comments and suggestions. He can also be funny.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes, because Tom doesn’t force his comments and suggestions. He explains them very well and if I didn’t want to use an idea I knew it was up to my decision. I also felt him reliable because he would sometimes remind me things about myself that I didn’t think to use in an essay and it made me know that he thought a lot about me. It was very surprising sometimes. He is also very fast to respond to essays and emails. Tom knows about my region and I think that is unusual for consultants who work with a worldwide clientele.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Very fast response on essays and other work. Being available for Skype. Explaining ideas clearly. Sometimes re-phrasing essay prompts to they make more sense or show better what they want to know better. Understand my part of the world. In summary, I always felt Tom was available and wanted to work closely.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Plenty hard. It seems he pushes everyone very hard.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“In every way. At first, I never thought I could write so many words about myself. Then I never thought he’d be satisfied with the words. Then I never thought I would be able to shorten essays to fit the word count. It will sound funny maybe but I don’t think of myself the same way after finishing the essays. I have a much more organized way of thinking of my life and work.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“I know Tom works with a lot of Indians and Asians but he also has a good grasp on the Middle East. He lives there (still, I think?) so he can have a good grasp of how business is done and understand thinking of the people and our perceptions and how to present ourselves positively.”

Male, South East Asia, INSEAD EMBA


“After our first chat, I thought Tom was very responsive to my questions and can give strong view on how to think through my essay. I needed someone that can strongly challenge how I approach the topic. Also, timing is very important for me. With a hectic schedule, fast turnaround is important.”

Application process:  

“I think this coming back to being responsive to my email. I didn’t have a fixed schedule on when to do the essay, just a general idea that I want to submit my essay sometimes in January/February. So, whenever I got a chance, I wrote them then send it to Tom. Some of those are very close to deadlines. Always come back with fast turnaround and the comment is not just open-ended question, Tom made it quite focused.”

Did you push hard enough: 

“Yes. Same as rely above.”

Final draft: 

“Some of them are not much different as it was quite easy for me to bring my own experience and reflect them in the essays (i.e your current role, culture). But there are those which you tend not to remember clearly (i.e. difficult situation, how you made career decision), and definitely Tom helps a lot. On these, the first cut and the final one are almost completely different.”

What else: 

“I didn’t think my interview have gone extremely well. So the essay was the positive point where I could really show my unique background and experience.”

Male; US; Michigan Ross

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“I talked with a bunch of counselors in the US before choosing Tom. Some were individuals, some seemed like bigger agencies and one was somewhere in between. I honestly couldn’t tell so I immediately disqualified that one.

Compared to the others he was more easygoing and seemed more knowledgeable about a range of topics and industries than the others I spoke with. As you’ll see below, this makes a big difference. Tom was also politely blunt about my timeline and how I’d have to organize my life to complete all my submissions but was blunt in a way that didn’t pressure me to use his service. He just told it to me straight which is how I think a counselor should be.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“I immediately thought I could rely on Tom or I would have chosen another service. Tom is a bit cheaper than some other top counselors but the difference in price is small so I certainly didn’t choose him because of the cost but I did like his hourly rate instead of per school. It was a better deal for me. No matter what this kind of service is expensive.

It wasn’t easy to write the essays and in many ways Tom made my life harder because he pushes hard. But because of this I could assemble better materials and after each week went by I realized just how well Tom was doing his job. So it wasn’t that he made things easier, he just made them better and more satisfying and I felt like I was on the right track, and that gave me confidence, etc. When I said above that Tom had a wider range of knowledge about a lot of things, that became very valuable as he helped me develop ideas for my essays and knowing that he was going to understand the industry stuff made it easy to talk to him.

The essays have two really different aspects to them. One is the mechanics of writing and that’s not necessarily difficult, at least not for me. But I think most people have some difficulty with the other aspect. Generating the best possible material on your own is really, really difficult.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“My original ideas were to write about my work, a few personal items like strengths and that kind of stuff and the places I’d been overseas. I thought that was all I had to do. Tom showed me how to use that and so much more in my essays and later on in my interviews. When I think about my original ideas I’m actually embarrassed that I thought I could get away with that. The funny thing is, as I write this testimonial I can actually hear Tom’s voice in my head telling me to be more specific and use more details. That’s pretty funny—you’re stuck in my head, Tom!”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“A) Letters of recommendation. They are a real pain. Just when you think you have all your ideas straight you then have to turn them inside out for the LoRs. Use Tom’s help with these and save yourself the hassle and mindf*ck of getting these things together by yourself. I really hated this part of the application and this is where Tom’s sense of humor saved the day…

B) If you are a good writer already you can handle the mechanics of most of the essays on your own (except maybe the word limit, which presents some serious challenges especially for someone like me who just writes way too much.] but that doesn’t mean you can generate the actual material by yourself. I’m proof of that. Tom was always telling me to brainstorm and make lists and giving me recommendations for how to get outside my own head and look at myself from different angles and his coaching was immensely helpful with this.

I recommend Tom to anyone who wants a counselor. I guess different people will use him for different things but in my experience he was 100% worth the price and looking back I think the whole experience was interesting. Like he was always saying, it you do these applications right it’s worth more to you than just getting into school.”

Male; South Asia/US; Chicago Booth

“I was referred to Tom by one of his former clients. Initially in the application process, I was confident of finishing my applications without any help from an external counselor. But beyond a point, I wasn’t able to improve my essays further. This was very frustrating because I knew that my essays wouldn’t suffice for the schools that I was aiming for.  Hence I decided to get help from Tom to improve my essays for two of my top applications.

During the initial consultation, he assessed my essays and provided the encouragement that the essays are in decent shape and can be improved further. The best thing I liked about his working style is that he made me self-introspect over and over again to bring out the subtle and interesting aspects of my personality that will be of value to a b-school AdCom. The kind of questions he posed helped me refine my ideas and convey my messages directly and succinctly to the reader. At the end of the day, I was able to see a remarkable transformation in my essays and felt satisfied that I submitted my best possible application with his help.

With the kind of improvements I was able to make to my essays with his help, I felt satisfied and was more than happy to buy additional hours to complete the essays for all my applications. He also helped me decide between multiple ideas I had for some of the essays. His thought process was so aligned with that of an AdCom that I felt comfortable running my ideas through him and was convinced with his suggestions.

He was very flexible with his work hours and was very prompt in his turnaround time. He was available whenever I needed his help. Working with him, I realized that the more I was willing to push myself, the more suggestions and improvements he was able to make to my application. In short, he was a true companion who added immense value throughout the application process and I will recommend him to anyone who needs help in submitting a top-notch b-school application.”

Male, South Asian/US, Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“I was referred to Tom by another counselor whose schedule was completely booked by the time I contacted him. He suggested contacting Tom and assured me that he was one of the best counselors in the country. The fact that Tom lived in San Francisco and was open to meeting me for coffee before I had to decide was great! I was also impressed by Tom’s resume, which included graduating out of Columbia and counseling students who have gotten into the top tier/ivy league schools. While Tom’s experience matched the best of the counselors out there, his rates were affordable which was a big deal for me as I was self financing my education. Working with him this past fall made me realize he was genuinely interested in helping me with my essays and there was no push for me to sign up for more hours with him if I did not need to. “

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?


Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes, I felt I could trust Tom with my story and share what i wanted out of the college application process. Also since I live in the SF Bay area  I was able to meet Tom in person and chat with him about my background and my resume. During that conversation I realized that Tom was genuinely interested in helping me reach my next goal. He did not come to the table with an agenda and that was very helpful because in the end you want the grad schools to know you as a candidate. I could rely upon his advice and guidance because he was honest throughout the process and always gave back critical insights that helped make my essays sharp and to the point.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Tom made the application process less intimidating because he has a very good idea of what the schools are looking for in a candidate and he had insights into how I could highlight my background and experience in a way that would catch the attention of the selection committee. If I were writing these essays by myself I would not have been unsure about what the schools were looking for me as a candidate and would have made the process much difficult to cut out what was unnecessary. My biggest difficultly was the word limit imposed by all essays and while working with Tom, I became confident that I would be able to tell my story even in a 400 word limit essay.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Tom pushed me hard to get the best out of each essay. At times I would get a little frustrated with the writing process and if not for Tom I would not have revisited many drafts and the final product would not have been as polished. Even when I thought I had done a pretty good job with the essay, Tom would always come back with suggestions to improve the essay further.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“(I think I answered it in the question # 4 and 5)”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“Tom is very approachable, spends time understanding you as a candidate, has a quick response time and most importantly does an amazing job communicating how you can improve your essay.” 

Female; East Asia; London Business School, MiF

“I strongly recommend Tom if you are looking for a logical counselor who would always push you and make you work harder and harder.

I was introduced by someone else to Tom when searching counselors online and it turned out to be a great experience. Although his website is not very informative I found he’s honest and easy to talk with on our first discussion. [Comment from Tom: Since this client found my website I have added testimonials, an extensive list of tips and videos.]

To me the whole process was not just an application but also a precious learning experience. We started by analyzing the essay questions and then he would assess my points by asking questions again and again. By doing this I started to rethink about what is the actual purpose for each question and what are the competencies that I want to present. The turnaround time was always usually less than 24 hours  and in fact it works pretty efficient for candidates in Asia.”

Male; American; MIT EMBA (Interview prep only)

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Yes.  Tom’s background and branding are vastly superior to other offerings.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?


Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“100%.  Tom is an expert.  My interview at MIT went almost verbatim as to how Tom prepared me for it.”

In what ways did I make your preparations easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Tom pushed me to beyond the basic structure of the Executive MBA Interview process at MIT with detailed questions that forced me to master my responses and my overall presence for my interviews.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Tom pushed me to develop a coherent approach to my interview process at MIT by setting a framework to answer the interviewer’s questions in a detailed, yet brief and clear systematic manner.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“After working with Tom, I felt my interview process at MIT went word for word to his preparation.  Tom is outstanding and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is seriously considering getting in to a school like MIT.”

Male; Japanese; Harvard Kennedy School

“I really recommend guys who want to get “Top” school’s admission to Tom Bojko! Although there are many reasons for the recommendation, the best is that I could gain admissions from Harvard, Stanford and MIT this year with Tom and couldn’t last year working with another counselor. However, I would like to add some further points:

1)     Tom has tremendous experience for graduate admissions.

He  has worked for many years as a professional mentor for graduate university. Thus, through conversation with applicants, he can judge and extract what is strong point and weak point for applicants depending on the university’s character.

2)     Tom has critical and excellent writing skills like a professional writer.

After he provided straightforward advice, I  witnessed that my essay could be very short and concise. Clear, short and concise, that is to say, omitting nonessential words is the most important essence of writing essays. He taught me that.

3)     Tom has the professional determination.

Once he agrees to work with you, he will do his best. Do you remember this year’s New York snow storm? He revised my essay even though he was stuck in New York at the time and lost electricity. Once you determine to do your best for “Top” school admission, I really recommend you to phone or email to Tom Bojko.”

Male; Mainland China; Cornell Johnson

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Yes. I have taken some free initial consultant with many consultant companies including [Comment from Tom: Out of respect for my competitors I am not posting their names. Suffice it to say, they are the large, global brands…].  I finally choose Tom over them mainly for two reasons: 1) His charging policy is more flexible. I can use the hours on any school or any service (strategy, essay, interview, LoR, school selection, etc…), while most companies charge based on schools or essays. 2) Through initial contact, I feel Tom very effective (no nonsense at all), sharp to find the points, highly professional (quick response, always feeling available) and mature (many consultants are newly graduated MBA students. I am an 30+ applicant so I feel Tom fit me better.)”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“I haven’t worked with other counselor except some initial free consultant sessions.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Yes! I feel Tom very reliable for some reasons:
1) Tom is more mature than most counselors. He can bring deeper insights and perspectives to your experience or stories, making your essays more profound rather than only editorial improvements  don’t get me wrong, Tom also does a great job on edit).
2) Tom works highly effectively. Every time I send him essays for review, he returns revised documents within 1 day. When I send him an email to ask some questions, he always reply very quickly, mostly within 1 hour. So my feeling is his always available when I need his help.
3) Tom is always straightforward to give his points. As an applicant, you always faces many options to choose, for example which story is better, which school is better. Most people gives you ambiguous answer, but Tom will always tell you a definite answer with solid reasons.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“See other responses.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Yes. See below.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“Both on content and writing. On content, Tom will keep pushing you further deepen your original story. He identifies the most valuable parts or my story and pushing me to highlight and expand on that. For example, I wrote a story about how I developed a complicated analysis model with coordination with many other departments and how I persuaded another department to accept my proposal. At my first draft, both parts are 50-50. Tom told me to highlight most paragraph on the latter part and asked me a lot of question to illustrate it, such as “How did you persuade them? What compromise did you offer?” He helped me focus all the words on most critical contents and made my story more real and he can help you make your essay short enough to fit the word limit without sacrifice any important contents.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“Tom is a very kind person and easy to work with. He is always optimistic and keeps encouraging me all the way. While his service is top-class, his price is much lower than most famous big consultant companies because his is himself  company. Actually, he is very generous on charging. I bought 5 hours service from him, but actually I wrote more than 10 emails asking him for various issues. He answered in detail very quickly but didn’t charge me.”

Female; Japanese; UCLA Anderson

“After contacting five other counselors, I decided to work with Tom. If you are looking for a professional, high quality service at reasonable price, this is the place.  Although I had a late start,  I felt very comfortable throughout the process as he was always quick to respond and his feedbacks were direct and actionable. I  felt very confident about the progress I was making and was very happy with the individual outputs and the entire application package as a whole.

Tom helps you to get the result by helping you to approach the entire application process strategically and make the process as simple as possible.  My experience with Tom was just impeccable. Without his help, I could not have been admitted to my top choices.”

Female; American; Chicago Booth

“I first contacted Tom thinking that my application just needed a final review. Boy was I wrong! I had no idea how deeply I was expected to think for my essays and how sharp all my points had to be. At first I thought we would work together for just an hour or so but when I realized how valuable he was I gladly signed up for several more hours for my essays and then more for interview prep.

I think the most important thing for a counselor is that he is worth every minute you pay him or her for. I’ve talked with others who have used counselors and it sounded to me like they were not nearly as sharp and efficient as Tom is. At times, he pushes very hard and I sometimes wondered if I had anything left to give. Every time this happened, I made a better draft, a sharper sentence and smarter assessment of my own potential. 

If you are lazy or feel you won’t need to work your *ss off to get into a top school, don’t bother contacting Tom. My feeling is he only wants to work with highly motivated clients. If you are very serious about this (and I mean very serious) then he is the best I have heard of.”

Male; European; Columbia Business School

“Working with Tom was one of the best experiences of my life. On his website he says that the work he does with you will add value to your applications but it will also add value to your life forever. I was thrilled to get into Columbia, with a scholarship, but I am even happier with the new way Tom taught me to think of myself.

How did this happen? 

1. Tom took the time to get to know me, my family’s history and already knew quite a bit about my small country.

2. Tom helped me look at all this information in a way that differentiated me from other applicants. For instance, I had never thought of my father’s business influencing the person I am but after Tom and I discussed it I realized how much of my personality came from this influence! At times, Tom seemed to know me better than I did!

3. My writing style was entirely unsuited to the restrictions of b-schools essays. He pushed me to respect the questions and beyond my initial doubts he helped me pile loads of information into these tight frameworks. At one point I compared early drafts with final ones and was stunned by the improvement.

4. I trusted Tom and found that I could comfortably discuss my strengths and weaknesses with him. This helped me present them in essays and interviews in a way that was entirely to my advantage. Before, I was terrified to admitting weaknesses. Tom showed me how to use them to my advantage.

5. Tom was totally, 100% reliable. His turnaround time was always within the promised 24 hours and he was quick to reply to emails. After about a week of working with him I realized this guy was already very close to me and more reliable than I ever imagined a virtual stranger would be.

6. Tom was very honest with me in our initial session. I was solid but I don’t think I am the ideal applicant and Tom was very realistic when I asked him my chances of getting into a top school. He told me what I would have to do, chased me to do it and I was thrilled that my hard work was rewarded. I was very happy with my experience and I recommend Tom to anyone seriously considering graduate school in the US or Europe.”

Male; South Asian; INSEAD

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“Yes. I read loads of blogs for over a year and found Tom after a few consultations in India and then asked a friend for advice.”

Was I the first counselor you ever worked with? If not, how did I compare?

“No. The biggest difference between Tom and others was his focus. I think all consultants would like to think they are capable of providing direct advice but this is not the case and I also note that Tom stopped some of my ideas at the beginning (the bad ones…) and explained other options. I think it’s important that a consultant stop you before you waste too much time on a bad idea.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“Absolutely. Tom has very fast turnaround on essays and emails. He doesn’t charge for emails [Clarification from Tom: I am happy to answer incidental emails but I charge clients who slip bits of essays into the emails in the hopes I won’t charge if they present it that way.] and I feel that he was more interested in the work than billing me for every moment of time. It’s an interesting approach. Tom charges hourly but I did not feel that I was on his clock but just that he was available to me when I wanted him.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“Before I ran circles trying to understand advise from different angles. Tom gave me a clear line to follow. As we worked along that line he kept pushing me to understand who I was and why I wanted to go to business school. As I did this I felt more in touch with myself and in our conversations I could discuss my ideas with a good listener but also crack critic.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Yes and yes.”

In what ways were your final drafts better than you imagine they would have been if you hadn’t worked with me?

“The early drafts I was messing about with a confused bunch of ideas others told me to use. My final drafts with Tom were my ideas and I felt very good about them, win or lose.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“Clear communication. Value for money. Availability. Reliability. Sense of humor. Understanding where I’m from. Experience. I guess Tom is about 40 [Note from Tom: I’m 43…] and I think it’s better to work with an experienced person than someone who feels not much different from myself.”

Male; South Asian; Duke Fuqua

Did you choose me over another counselor? If so, why?

“I was referred by another counselor who didn’t accept me.”

Did you feel you could rely on me? If so, please elaborate on this point?

“At first, not really. I was nervous about using Skype and paying a lot of money before Tom did any work. He discussed this with me and it made him a bit more trustworthy. Back then his website was really minimal so I’m glad he’s beefed it up. Anyway, I think all global consultants operate this way. After working together for a week my worry completely evaporated. I immediately felt friendly with Tom and forgot all about my original nervousness.”

In what ways did I make the application process easier, less intimidating, or enjoyable?

“I had been rejected from schools and wanted a review of my applications. We did this by Skype and Tom clearly and quickly went through my essays and explained how an adcom would interpret them. Afterwards, I realized I hadn’t really shown them who I was or what I wanted. It was a bit of a disaster. I was disappointed but after that all the mystery was gone and Tom made my new applications easier by leading me along with loads and loads of questions. I have never been asked, “Why?” so many times in my life! I guess it was enjoyable from the satisfaction of expressing myself so well and feeling proud of who I was.”

Did I push you hard enough? Was this helpful?

“Tom pushed me very hard but it was kind of fun and surely helpful.”

What else about your experience with me would lead you to recommend me to others?

“I think everything is in the points above. The work was hard and I was relieved when it was done. Then I started to miss our conversations. It was a really interesting experience. I’ve never had the chance to think about myself so much.”

Male; American; Michigan Ross

“To be perfectly honest I don’t mind saying I was suspicious of any counselors and really didn’t think I needed one but my essays just weren’t coming along so I started looking for a counselor. The first few I talked to (they were the bigger ones based in the US…you know the ones) felt a little cheezy or pushy about buying time or just kind of like they were giving me the same speech they gave to everyone and that was a total turn off. They were also really expensive. I found Tom and he quickly arranged a phone call and I felt pretty good about him and he didn’t ask me for anything but just ended the call just saying, “I’d be happy to work with you. Give it some thought.” That’s it! I think he really only wants clients who are serious because he didn’t try to talk me into anything. Anyway, Tom isn’t exactly cheap but I bought five hours.

I could tell he was serious but I had no idea what I was in for. When I look back, I know I had been slacking and thinking my basic profile would get me into good schools but Tom quickly straightened that thinking out.  Once we were on the same page (I should say, once Tom got ME on the right page!) he made me think harder than I’ve ever done and basically kicked my *ss anytime he knew I was being lazy and wasting time or just wanted to submit what I had already written.

Yeah, so, long story short, I ended up producing essays I was really happy with and really started getting my thinking straight about a lot of things besides my application. Total bonus! I bought more time and worked on a couple other applications with Tom and did some interview prep with him (I assure you, that was equally as rigorous in interview prep as his counseling on essays) and I ended up at Michigan, totally thrilled. Work with Tom.”

Male; South Asian/US; UCLA Anderson

“I came to know about Tom in a moment of serendipity while I was trying to work with another admissions consultant, who recommended Tom as he was not available. I really enjoyed working with Tom who made this daunting essay writing process a lot enjoyable. He makes you think very hard about your past, and is exceptional at judging what your best story is and how to tell it to admissions committees. He is always available on Skype for a video chat if you are struck at any point in the application process and offers help even if it is very late at night, especially as the deadline approaches. I recommend Tom for anybody, who wants to have the best possible coherent stories as essays and ultimately get admitted to top tier schools.”

 Male; Japanese; Vanderbilt LLM

“Through my personal experience working on my resume and essay with Tom, I can say, with confidence, I strongly recommend him as your partner crossing the finish line together.

 I met Tom in person when he visited Tokyo, and after that, all of our communication was done via e-mail. He always kept me updated on his schedule and thus I can easily set my schedule for writing an essay and never been worry about whether I could receive his counseling in a timely manner.

Needless to say, his comments were right to the point. Tom logically pointed out a weakness of my essay, and gave me a lot of tips on ways to make my drafts better. Tom doesn’t make a compromise and tries to make our drafts better to the last second. Sometimes, he pushed me hard with his comments and they were really tough for me, however, I also understood it was a necessary process for the realization of my dream.

As to his attitude toward his work, I have one very impressive memory. One day, it was getting close to an application deadline date of one of my top choices. I was satisfied with my draft, and rather, I wanted to finalize my essay as soon as possible. However, Tom sent me a draft with his comments as usual, and gave me a following message:

‘You’re getting there but hit it one more time!’

This message really moved me. I was honestly happy to work with such a professional counselor who maintains a sincere attitude to his work and client. Tom, thank you very much for your months of support. I could get my admission offer and I will be able to go to the U.S. this summer!!”

 Male; Europe; NYU LLM

“I had the pleasure to work with Tom in order to apply for an LL.M. for the 2013/2014 season. I was targeting some of the best law schools in the US, and Tom helped me be accepted by almost all of them. Eventually, thanks to his great support, I will be able to study in the school I always wanted to attend: NYU School of Law.

Tom is a dedicated and hardworking person who took time to listen to me and to understand my goals. His feedbacks were valuable and always relevant. Indeed, he knows very well the admissions process of the programs I wanted to apply for, which are very different from those of French schools. He helped me focus on the relevant facts to write impactful personal statements and to put forward convincing arguments. He also gave me valuable advice to choose my recommenders and to provide them with guidelines on how to write effective letters of recommendations.

I would like to thank him for those amazing results and for his kindness. Tom is not only an excellent advisor, but also someone with whom it is a pleasure to talk and to work with. I would recommend him to anybody who is ambitious and whose goal is to integrate at the best graduate programs in the US.”

Male; Europe; INSEAD

“I was referred to Tom by a friend who was admitted to INSEAD. It was the first time I was using an admissions consultant and I wasn’t sure how to make a good choice between the different counselors I found online. After an initial chat with Tom, I was confident that he could help me achieve what I was looking for in terms of the essay writing mainly because of his friendly approach, vast experience and good advice.

I immediately felt I could rely on Tom because his comments challenged me to make my essays more relevant and targeted. He forced me out of my comfort zone and made me think about how to add specific details and make my essays more precise. Comparing my initial draft to the last one, the difference was more than obvious. I honestly don’t think I could have done that without Tom’s help.

With Tom’s guidance I was admitted to INSEAD, London Business School, IE and IESE.

I would highly recommend Tom.”

Male; South Asia; Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

“I chose Tom over other counselors because of the fantastic feedback I had received from peers who had already utilized his services. I liked that we initially had a Skype discussion to get to know each other and he was extremely straightforward and honest. I was immediately comfortable and felt that Tom could provide a more personal touch.

Choosing Tom was the best decision I made. Even though I had a slightly different background coming from a family business, Tom encouraged me to use this to my advantage and was always supportive. He definitely made the essay process a lot less intimidating, and for me it was actually quite enjoyable. Without Tom this would not have been possible. He constantly pushes you to realize your potential and achieve the best results. My essays turned out to be clear, direct and free of clutter.

The highlights of my experience of working with Tom are that at times you do get overwhelmed and feel like giving up, but Tom is there to push you back up. Secondly, Tom’s process ensures for you to do a fair bit of introspection, which I thought was really helpful, not only for the essays but for the MBA journey in general. I highly recommend Tom as he will make the application process a much better experience for you.”