Starting in 2001, I began building an exceptional track record with MBA applicants as well as applicants to most other graduate programs, including the MiF and Ph.D. I deliver the highest quality advice, my service is flexible and based on my clients’ needs and my clients have gained admission to all the top programs around the world. My global client base reports that my clear, straightforward methods are incredibly helpful. Please have a look at my video page where I have over a dozen presentations that are designed to get you started and check out some testimonials from past clients.

I have an MA in Education from Columbia University Teachers College and have lived in Japan, China, Vietnam and South Korea and have traveled extensively in India. Please note that since shooting the video on this page I have moved to Jordan and I spend the summers in the U.S, residing in beautiful coastal Maine.

I find that as they work with me, my clients develop better writing skills, become more confident in themselves and are able to present themselves to other people — not just admissions officers — in a more impressive manner. In other words, I enjoy my work because I know it benefits a client both for and beyond the admissions process.

In Tokyo, starting in 2001, I worked for the top graduate admissions company where I advised elite clients sponsored by Japanese and international companies and government agencies. This work was mutually satisfying and I developed the highest client-retention rate of any counselor in the company’s history. Since then, I’ve gone independent and my client base has become global. A global client base is more interesting and gives me a clearer understanding of the overall applicant pool.

If you are a hard worker and are serious about graduate school, please review the other pages of my website to get a feel for my approach to counseling and the prices for my services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.